October 01, 2009

Independent Child

A child can be said independent if child can doing his task and fulfill his own needs without help from others.
Independence is not only limited to physical activity but also emotional, for example, a child can feed himself but
he did not want to do it himself and ask other people to feed him. it can be said that the child is not independent. Independence of a child also needs to be seen from the age and stage of development. A 10 years child certainly expected to be more independent in many ways compared to a 5 years child.
Actually, since they were a little child, the children have had the instinct for doing anything themself, for example, children want to feed themselves, dress themselves, etc. But, sometimes their environtment less supportive. So that , the child becomes less self-reliant.
The independent children (accordance their stage of development) will be able to complete the various tasks assigned to him, so that, children become more confident. This confidence will make children grow and further enhance their independence. An independent child will also be easier to adjust to the environtment . An independent child will accepted by his friends easily.
Children who are not independent is often difficult to adjust to the environment. This can result in a loss of a child's confidence, so that, the child is difficult to grow and become increasingly dependent on others in performing their duties.

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