September 29, 2009

Parents' Role in Reducing Negative Influence of TV on Child Behaviour

It is difficult to prevent children from watching television, especially because of the need to obtain information and entertainment. However, parents need to minimize the negative impact that television can influence children's behaviour patterns. Things that parents can do:
  1. Selecting television programme which may be watched by children.
  2. Accompany when children watching television, tell children which act to be imitated and which should not be imitated.(would be even better if parents discuss the programme that has been seen with the child, so long the child had learned to distinguish themselves what is good and what is bad).
  3. Make a deal with the child about how long a child can watch television so that children do not continue to watch TV until forgot the time (forgot to eat, forget to sleep, forget studying, etc.).
  4. Stimulate child to perform other various activities so that children do not feel that the knowledge and entertainment can be obtained only by watching television.
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julia dokashenko said...

I think that channels with cartoons are best for kids, for elder children parents should take it under control and explain which programs will be interesting, such as discovery, nature, animals, etc. I've added a new post The Importance of Negative View/Jerry Mander and want to share.

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